Our Vision

  • To promote unique and alternative responses to homelessness

 Our Mission

  • To eradicate homelessness through working within the spirit of Catholic Social Justice Tradition

Our Values

  • Respect – including accepting diversity of approach from all member organisations
  • Social Justice – to operate according to the principles as articulated in Catholic social justice teaching
  • Quality Service – to ensure the delivery of highest quality services in all member organisations
  • Personal and Professional Peer Support – to support each other through openness and mutual accountability
  • Integrity – to act fairly, honestly and openly

Our Objectives

  • To provide accommodation & support within the context of a non-judgemental community where the needs of individuals are met & their dignity is restored & maintained;
  • to address issues of concern for homeless people;
  • to provide an integrated and multi-focused service where a variety of needs are catered for through links with other community & support services;
  • to provide a home for those in need, including:-
  • men, women, families and children experiencing homelessness, especially those who are most disadvantaged;
  • women and me with a disability experiencing homelessness, particularly those who suffer alcohol and drug addiction, psychiatric and intellectual disabilities or combinations of these;
  • people experiencing homelessness in need of crisis accommodation, and women and children experiencing family violence.
  • To advocate, lobby for and initiate the development of services in the area of homelessness


Our Constitution

Shekinah Constitution