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A community of belonging, loving care and dignity for homeless men. We offer a supportive home and an outreach service.

The Way Community provides a home and support to homeless men.

  • The residents have often suffered from psychiatric disabilities or alcohol abuse.
  • The Way Community endeavours to provide 24 hour a day support for the men and assist the residents with attending appointments during the day.
  • There is an established outreach program supporting a number of men living in nearby boarding houses.
  • The Way Community is a unique place where homeless men can find friendship, a sense of belonging and practical help.

Vision Statement
To offer a model to our society of a community which is formed around the value of preferential option for the poor.

Mission Statement

To provide a home where homeless men can find belonging, companionship and dignity.
To be a community of respect, trust and friendship.
To nurture a Spirit centred around preferential option for the poor, acknowledging the history of The Way and the value of each person.

 How can people help?

  • Donate Money
    Our residents pay rent, but we rely on donations to be able to cover household bills, to offer recreation activities and to run our Outreach program.
  • Volunteer
    There are a few part time staff members, but much of the work and the constant presence are provided by volunteers. 
  • Donate Goods
    Donations of instant coffee, tea, UHT milk, sugar, biscuits and new socks and jocks are always needed. They help us to always be there for some of the most marginalised people in our society with a cuppa and some of life’s essentials.

What our residents have said…

  • “Good friends… better than I have ever met anywhere!”
  • “I feel that this is my home, I feel as if I belong.”
  • “Small numbers make The Way unique.”
  • “It’s the only place I can really call home, I am happy.”
  • “I want to stay in touch with The Way forever.”
  • “I’ve virtually got everything together since I have been here.”