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McAuley House has provided accommodation to homeless women since the 1930s. It provides a unique residential setting and an ongoing community for all the women who have been associated with the service over the years.

McAuley House (formerly Regina Coeli) supports women who are homeless or at risk of homelessness on their journey towards recovery and independence by providing medium term accommodation, meals and intensive and individualised case management support.

Many women have experienced hardship and have struggled to survive for years before they arrive at McAuley House. In a unique residential setting, we offer women a safe community in which to live while they regain their health and wellbeing, rebuild their family and community connections, develop their independent living skills and begin their journey towards independence.

Women who establish independent permanent housing continue to be supported by an outreach program, McAuley Pathways.

Both current and past residents also have the opportunity to participate in a social and recreation program which aims to build self-esteem through conversation, participation in outings and social activities such as community nights, and the celebration of important life events. This helps to foster a sense of belonging, and a spirit of acceptance and security.


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