The Good Samaritan Inn in Melbourne provides crisis accommodation for homeless women and children, many of whom are escaping domestic violence.

The Good Samaritan Inn responds to the critical shortage of emergency accommodation for women and children leaving situations of family violence.  In providing a short term home for women and children, we work with energy and adaptability to make this home safe, warm and practical.

Founded in 1996, Good Samaritan Inn has been a short term home for over four thousand women and children who are homeless. They have been referred by a variety of agencies whose main roles may be focused on housing, youth support, health,  immigrant women’s needs, or domestic violence.

The Inn provides a room, food, clothing and toiletries as needed. At any one time, there is room for two women on their own and three women with children.

A staff member is on duty at all times, and volunteers stay each night to support the guests in whatever way is needed.
The Inn was accredited as a service for the homeless in 2006 and is a member of Shekinah Homeless Services Inc.

The Inn  is a work of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan, but depends as well  on a large number of generous donors.

  • Monetary donations make it possible to employ staff and to meet the ongoing costs such as utilities, food etc.
  • Time and skills are given by volunteers who cook, clean and stay overnight. 
  • Gifts of clothing, food, toiletries and many other items enable support for the women and children that is both warm and practical.